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Determine Eligibility

Before preparing a letter of inquiry or full grant proposal, we encourage you to carefully review the guidelines for your area of interest: private higher educationpublic educational media, and religious literacy and interfaith leadership. Being invited to submit a letter of inquiry or proposal does not guarantee funding.

Grantee organizations must be based in and operate within the United States. Tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations and all private four-year residential colleges and universities are eligible to apply for funding. The Foundations do not make grants directly to individuals.

Proposal Review Criteria

There are a number of criteria that the Foundations take into consideration when evaluating a proposal:

  • Evidence of support by institutional leadership;
  • Level of creativity/contribution to the field of education, interfaith or public educational media;
  • Future funding plan, lasting value to constituencies and impact regionally or nationally;
  • Thoughtful vision to evaluate the efficacy of the proposed program;
  • Careful stewardship of resources; and
  • Potential for replication/dissemination.

Apply for a Grant 

Please note that all proposals should be submitted using our grantee portal. Both first-time applicants and returning applicants and grantees are required to create accounts in the portal.

Private Higher Education/Religious Literacy and Interfaith Leadership

If you have received an invitation for a letter of inquiry from an AVDF staff member, please refer to the appropriate program page.

Public Educational Media

There are currently no deadlines for submissions in this program area. Proposals do not require an invitation and may be submitted throughout the year. All submissions must meet these three criteria:

  • The AVDF grant is the final “capstone” funding for completion of production;
  • The film is assured of national audience by PBS or another high-quality distributor such as APM; and
  • The film represents high-quality educational programming of enduring value.
Proposal Evaluation and Notification

Every effort is made to respond to all submitted proposals in a timely manner. Upon receipt of a grant proposal, all materials will be evaluated according to the guidelines and criteria provided for each program area. If a proposal is not competitive within the current grant cycle, notification will be sent as soon as possible and may include an invitation to re-submit a revised proposal at a later date.

At times, and in consultation with the grant applicant, a proposal may be tabled for further consideration in the next grant cycle. Additional information may be requested for competitive grant proposals. The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations’ Board of Trustees renders all final decisions.

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