Convening of the Vanguard Network of Interfaith Campuses by the Interfaith Youth Core

Through thought leadership and strategic convening, the Interfaith Youth Core aims to transform the public perception about religious differences from an assumption of inevitable conflict to one of understanding and partnership.  

IFYC Founder Eboo Patel speaks at the Vanguard Convening at Georgetown University.
Photo courtesy of the Interfaith Youth Core

The Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC) believes that differing faith backgrounds can strengthen society and serve the common good through cooperative efforts. To accomplish this vision, IFYC formed the Vanguard Network of Interfaith Campuses to deepen interfaith collaboration at institutions of higher education and to provide for the mutual exchange of ideas and best practices among its members. 

IFYC utilized The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations’ funds for the first meeting of the Vanguard Network in Washington, D.C. The convening drew presidents and delegates from colleges and universities around the country, demonstrating the desire of campus leadership to engage with peer institutions around the issues of interfaith cooperation. 

The Vanguard Network of Interfaith Campuses continues to provide opportunities for collaboration and engagement among member institutions. The success of the Network's first convening contributed to IFYC’s reputation as the nation’s leader in building capacity for interfaith cooperation in higher education. 

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