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Providing every student with the opportunity to impact his or her community immediately after graduation is the focus of Davidson College’s “Transition to Impact (T2I)” collection of initiatives. Students participate in T2I’s hands-on programs during college and are empowered to develop compassion, analytic rigor, creativity, resilience and moral courage in service of something larger than themselves.

Sustainability Scholars working at Sow Much Good
Photo courtesy of Davidson College

Support from the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations helped expand select T2I programs, including: Sustainability, Public Health and Education Scholars, International Summer Scholars, and the Davidson Research Network. Through the program, students were placed with corporate, government and nonprofit partners to complete a significant project while learning about the work of the sector. In addition to providing valuable resources to the placement organization, students gained skills that helped them transition easily from the campus environment to work and a meaningful life after graduation.

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