Palliative Care & End of Life

For more than 60 years, the Foundations have given to medical schools, hospitals, hospice programs and other healthcare initiatives that have enhanced medical education, the patient experience and the quality of healthcare in America. For the first 30 years, the Foundations were focused on palliative care and making end of life care widely available to the American population. The Foundations were among the early supporters of the hospice concept and provided the first grant to the Connecticut Hospice which inaugurated hospice care in America in 1974 and helped grow the hospice movement throughout the nation.

Sculpture outside of Connecticut Hospice, the first hospice in the United States. AVDF was among the early supporters of the hospice concept in America in 1976.
Photo courtesy of Connecticut Hospice.

Having provided philanthropic support in these early years of hospice in America, the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations renew their commitment to the vital areas of research, access and standards in Palliative Care and End of Life. AVDF has refined its focus on the evolving conversation and joined the search for answers. Palliative care is thought of in connection with a good death, and as medical breakthroughs change the outcome of conditions formerly considered to be terminal, palliative care is evolving to treat symptoms that give patients with chronic disease a good life, as well.

For 2018–2020, ADVF Palliative Care and End of Life grant proposals will be considered only from designated partners in the following general areas:

  • Support of pediatric palliative care initiatives and research
  • Interfaith issues for leaders in palliative care
  • Partnerships in research in in medical schools and teaching hospitals
  • Closing the gap in access to services
  • Development of quality standards for palliative care
  • Engaging the educating the public in partnership with the media
Palliative care is gaining prominence in medical therapies, and new approaches to end of life are promoting the best possible management of this inevitable part of the human experience. AVDF seeks to expand and broaden public understanding of this emerging field. Grants will support programming and research that focus on education, treatment, access and delivery, interfaith resources, and the development of quality standards.

Note: Beginning in 2020, the AVDF may consider additional partnerships in Palliative Care and End of Life.

When & How to Apply – For Designated Partners
Please refer to the information in Grantseeking organizations.

Submitted material related to the grant proposal will not be returned.
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