Message from the President Summer 2018

Dear Colleagues,

During recent months, it has been our pleasure to connect with so many potential grant partners during this first competitive grant cycle after the completion of the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations Board of Trustees' 2017 - 2022 strategic planning work.

The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations Board of Trustees has clarified its philanthropic priorities and grant procedures, and the response from many of you as current and potential grantee partners has been resoundingly positive.  You have reported appreciation for the relevance of our philanthropic priorities, for the open communication with the Foundations' staff, and for our flexible grant sizes for your strategic needs.  Your feedback has been vitally important to our steadfast commitment to high quality, ethically-grounded, and strategic impact grant making in each of our five program areas.  

As we have re-opened competitive grant making, we have welcomed hundreds of inquiries from new potential grantees and long-standing partners.  Now, we are refining our grant proposal cycles and timing.  Effective fall of 2018, the Foundations will have one proposal deadline each year on November 1.  This will allow us to better serve our grantees and potential partners as we review each letter of inquiry and full proposal and as we administer awarded grants.  For a complete look at our revised grant proposal cycle, please visit our Grant Calendar.

As always, we continue to value your partnership with our AVDF program staff.  However, consistent with good practice in philanthropy, we will not provide rationale or reasons for declining a letter of inquiry or full grant proposal.  A decision to decline typically results from the very strong and competitive pool of grants in our five program areas for each grant cycle, and it is not a reflection of the merits of your specific inquiry or proposal.  Each year we have limited resources that must stretch across all five of our program areas.  

It is a privilege to serve the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations Board of Trustees philanthropy through the new strategic plan.  With gratitude, we look forward to continuing the legacy of Arthur Vining Davis to "Strengthen America through Education" together with you.  

Best regards, 
Nancy J. Cable 
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