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Environmental Solutions
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Ceres has identified two areas ripe for impact. First: Small- and medium-sized businesses represent roughly 650,000 firms and employ over 30% of the U.S. workforce – yet the overwhelming majority have neither the tools nor the expertise to improve their sustainability performance. Accelerating these companies’ sustainability journeys is critical to decarbonizing the economy, protecting natural resources, and ensuring a just and inclusive future. Second: major companies own or operate a significant portion of vehicles on the road today – yet face numerous shared barriers to electric vehicle adoption. These barriers include limited model availability to suit their varied use cases – especially in the medium- and heavy-duty segments.
To address these challenges, Ceres will build and launch Ceres Roadmap 360º – a tool that will allow Ceres’ expertise and sustainability expectations in Ceres Roadmap 2030 to, for the first time, reach small, medium, and private companies – as well as large multinational corporations. Additionally, Ceres’ Corporate Electric Vehicle Alliance will work with, support, and push fleet-operating companies to make bold EV commitments, engage auto and truck manufacturers on EV model availability, and accelerate transportation sector decarbonization.