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Dickinson College
Private Higher Education
Date Approved

Dickinson seeks a three-year grant to create a national model for the teaching and practice of civil dialogue across differences. Acknowledging that civil dialogue is a fraught concept that must mean more than just performative politeness, we aim to educate citizens who can listen with an empathetic and ethical mindset to perspectives other than their own and then reason with a depth of understanding. Our unique approach integrates classroom learning across disciplines, leadership training, campus involvement, and community engagement. Since faculty development is key to building capacity to sustain this work, we will provide resources and tools to help faculty develop assignments, lesson plans, and/or entire courses, as well as workshops for them to work with colleagues across disciplines on course design. We will develop a new elective course to train students as civil dialogue facilitators and give them opportunities to partner with campus and community groups to lead dialogues on challenging contemporary issues. This grant will 1) build a cohort of 25-35% of faculty who will use these tools to educate current and future student cohorts, and 2) impart to 30-40% of the student body the skills for conducting effective civil dialogues in their personal and professional lives.