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Center to Advance Palliative Care
Palliative Care

This proposal comprises three projects that together will improve quality of life among those populations for whom current access is insufficient: Black patients; children facing serious illness; and patients who receive care without the benefit of specialty palliative care consultants: The first project will gather and catalogue interventions that improve palliative care access and quality for Black families, and then synthesize and disseminate those findings via two national events; CAPC will also develop a workplan to create practical technical assistance to scale successful interventions in the following year. The second project will work with national experts to create a billing and financial management toolkit along with virtual support to improve the financial performance – and thus, the sustainability and growth – of pediatric palliative care programs. The third project will catalyze practice change in the care of patients with serious illness through new, interactive skills-building exercises to give non-palliative care clinicians the confidence to apply palliative care education. Event slides and toolkits will be delivered to the foundation, while quantitative indicators will be monitored after the project period to assess achievement of expected outcomes.