Interfaith Leadership & Religious Literacy

The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations’ Board of Trustees is in the final stages of our strategic planning process.  The next deadline for grant proposals will be November 1, 2017, unless our strategic plan calls for specific unsolicited grant proposals in the interim.

Once the Board of Trustees completes its strategic plan, we will brief you on the outcome by May 15, 2017. We are deeply grateful for your patience and cooperation during this time and all of us look forward to working with you in 2017 and 2018.


The Hartford Seminary Peacemaking Fellows program identifies young American Christian leaders working for peace in religiously diverse communities of the United States, building on its expertise in Islamic Studies and Christian-Muslim Relations and continuing the success of its breakthrough International Peacemaking Program. Photo courtesy of Hartford Seminary.

The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations seeks innovative proposals that address current religious trends in interfaith understanding. Our philanthropy aspires to address the ever-broadening need for knowledge about religion and multiple religious perspectives. By focusing on religious literacy and interfaith leadership, the Foundations’ intent is to deepen understanding of the richness of our country’s religiously pluralistic population.

Interfaith Leadership

As we have become an increasingly diverse nation by all definitions, it is essential that leaders are prepared to model meaningful engagement among different faith traditions. This may include those who serve in clerical roles as well as leaders in civic, academic, business, professional and non-profit sectors. We are interested in supporting programs that prepare leaders with the knowledge to foster mutual respect for religious beliefs and traditions and that address the ways in which our multi-religious society magnifies the need for civil discourse and tolerance. 

Potential grant recipients include programs that prepare religious leaders within or related to higher education, theological education, and organizations with an established record in interfaith leadership.

Religious Literacy

The Foundations’ interest in religious literacy focuses on programs that enhance public understanding of the religious beliefs and practices that shape America, both historically and in the present. Although we live in a country where many self-identify as having religious beliefs, studies show that a majority of the population lacks basic knowledge and understanding of major faith traditions.

Because the level of one’s education is a leading predictor of religious knowledge, grants are encouraged that contribute to a religiously well-informed public. Grant proposals may address academic curricula, co-curricular activities, and pedagogies that increase knowledge about religion and its role in sustaining a democratically inclusive society.

Grant Amount

Religious Literacy and Interfaith Leadership institutions may request planning grants that range from $25,000 up to $100,000, or comprehensive grants for $200,000.

When & How to Apply (by invitation)

Once an invitation has been extended, proposals may be submitted through our grantee portal.

Please direct all questions regarding the interfaith program to Jasmine Stamenic @ (904) 359-0670.

Every effort is made to respond to all submitted proposals in a timely manner. Upon receipt of a grant proposal, all materials will be evaluated according to the guidelines and criteria provided for each program area. If a proposal is not competitive within the current grant cycle, notification will be sent as soon as possible and may include an invitation to re-submit a revised proposal at a later date. 

Submitted material related to the grant proposal will not be returned.


To answer general questions that may result from these programmatic changes, please view our Frequently Asked Questions.

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