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Media inquiries should be sent to

AVDF grantees who would like to acknowledge the foundations’ support on their website and other publications are welcome to use the foundations’ logo in accordance with our brand guidelines and any terms of the grant agreement. Our partners in specific projects may also use our logo to bring public visibility to the work supported by AVDF. If you are not a grantee or funding partner, you do not have permission to use our logo without our express written consent or permission.


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Funding Credit Video
If you are looking for the Foundations’ funding credit/promo videos, please send a message to

Copy for Press Releases

About the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations: The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations were organized in 1952 and are supported by two trusts established by Mr. Arthur Vining Davis. The Foundations aim to bear witness to Mr. Davis’ successful corporate leadership and his ambitious philanthropic vision. Since their inception, the Foundations have given over 4,600 grants totaling more than $385 million to colleges and universities, hospitals, medical schools, and divinity schools.