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The Environmental Solutions Program Area seeks to support organizations that are helping to change the way we think and act when it comes to some of the most important environmental issues of our time.

As of 2021 the grants in this Program Area exclusively support organizations that seek to change individuals’ and organizations’ behavior in ways that will mitigate climate change and its negative effects. Our grantees specialize in strategic communication, organizational transformation, or training, and the projects they carry out are informed by cutting-edge work in social change, psychology, and behavioral economics.

The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations do not fund projects focusing primarily on environmental research, technical innovation, or policy. These areas of work are crucial in addressing the climate crisis, but we aim for our grants to complement them rather than support them directly.

AVDF is not currently accepting unsolicited requests to submit proposals, letters of inquiry, or concept papers in this Program Area.

Featured Grant: Climate Advocacy Lab

Numerous surveys show that medical professionals are some of the most trusted messengers among the general public on a range of issues related to public health. Additional research shows that messages that emphasize the ways in which climate change impacts health perform better than messages that highlight other effects of climate change. Further, in a recent 2021 study, a number of health professionals said that they felt a responsibility to talk with their patients and the public about climate and health, while also expressing a need for training on effective communication strategies.

In light of these opportunities and needs, the Climate Advocacy Lab is working to equip 50 health care leaders with the skills to communicate more effectively to their colleagues, their patients, and the general public about the impacts of climate change on health. With grant support from AVDF, Climate Advocacy Lab will run two 6-month training programs, provide ongoing support to the participating trainees, and disseminate guidance on effective communication across a wide network of interested organizations. To learn more, click here.