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Solutions Journalism Network
Environmental Solutions
Date Approved

The Solutions Journalism Network (SJN) proposes to collaborate with the Public News Service (PNS) — an independent news organization providing audio-based reporting to 50-60 million weekly audience members nationwide, primarily in red states, rural communities, news deserts, and other areas with low or no engagement with information on climate change. SJN will train and support up to 30 journalists producing locally-focused climate solutions stories that help audiences, including those skeptical of climate change, understand the impacts of climate change in their own communities and learn how other communities are responding more effectively to similar challenges. PNS will convert those stories, along with other climate solutions stories from SJN’s Solutions Journalism Exchange (a curated database of solutions stories that can be republished at no cost under a creative commons license), into audio-friendly formats and widely disseminate them through its extensive, rural-serving channel network. The resulting package of up to 100 solutions stories will form a body of work that provides an alternative to the dominant, polarizing, climate coverage narrative and engages a wider range of listeners with news related to local climate risks and their relationship to climate change.