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Environmental Solutions
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The transportation sector is the highest emitting sector of the U.S. economy, and these emissions are disproportionately produced by medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. To address this problem, Ceres operates the Corporate Electric Vehicle Alliance, a network of 33 major fleet owners and operators that are committed to electrifying their fleets and shifting the entire transportation industry to net-zero, Through regular monthly meetings and sessions with industry experts, CEVA facilitates peer-to-peer learning and the sharing of best practices on diverse subjects such as vehicle availability, EV logistics, charging infrastructure, and regulatory environment. Ceres also coordinates engagements between CEVA members and EV industry stakeholders – auto and truck manufacturers, utility companies, trade associations, EV solutions providers, and regulators – to demonstrate the corporate demand for expanded EV production and to build charging infrastructure that meets the needs of corporate users. Over the next two years, Ceres will continue to grow the coalition, deepen its engagements into existing focus areas, and expand its scope into new subjects, such as the sustainability of the EV battery supply chain industry.