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Private Higher Education

The Private Higher Education Program Area supports colleges and universities that prioritize undergraduate education and emphasize the liberal arts.
The Foundations provide grants directly to private colleges and universities and to consortia that support those institutions in their educational mission. Although the Foundations support a variety of programs in higher education, grants typically support projects that improve student outcomes or enhance faculty leadership.
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Public Educational Media

The Public Educational Media Program Area supports the production and distribution of film, television, radio, and digital audio programming through public media outlets.
The Foundations support grants to non-profit production companies or public media stations for educational programs that have a firm national distribution commitment. While the Foundations fund a variety of content, supported programs typically focus on science or history, or have American youth as a primary audience.
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Interfaith Leadership & Religious Literacy

The Interfaith Leadership & Religious Literacy Program Area supports programming that improves the religious literacy of Americans, or that facilitates understanding, appreciation, and cooperation between individuals and groups across religious traditions.
The Foundations provide grants to support a wide range of activities including, improving educational curricula, creating meaningful engagement between religious communities, and enhancing the public understanding of religious beliefs and practices.
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Environmental Solutions

The Environmental Solutions Program Area seeks to support organizations that change the way we think and act when it comes to some of the most important environmental issues of our time.
The Environmental Solutions Program Area does not accept open submission funding requests. Grants in Environmental Solutions aim to educate audiences about urgent environmental problems, motivate them to take action, and guide them to effective solutions. Our grantees specialize in strategic communication, organizational transformation, or training, and the projects they carry out are informed by cutting-edge research in the natural and social sciences.
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Palliative Care

The Palliative Care Program Area supports programs that enhance equity and quality of care for patients with serious illness or who are at the end of life.
The Palliative Care Program Area does not accept open submission funding requests. At present the Foundations are supporting grants that increase the availability of palliative care to under-served communities, enhance the quality of nursing for palliative care patients, and provide workforce training for healthcare professionals who provide palliative care.
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