Private Higher Education

Support for private colleges and universities is grounded in Arthur Vining Davis’ conviction that “an educated society strengthens democracy through principled, thoughtful and compassionate leadership.”

The Foundations’ philanthropy to private higher education concentrates on private colleges and universities with a primary academic mission in the liberal arts and sciences, rather than career or vocational studies. These institutions should exemplify academic quality and financial stability. Proposals from associations and consortia that serve higher education are also welcome. A portion of funding is reserved each year to help support the vitally important work of historically Black colleges and universities, Native American tribal colleges, schools within the Appalachian College Association, and Work College Consortium members.

Brandeis undergraduates contribute to the work of leading researchers and pursue their own interests in labs that promote interdisciplinary collaboration.
Courtesy of Brandeis University

Private Higher Education grant proposals will be considered in the following general areas:

  • Leadership development for faculty, students, and senior leaders
  • Interfaith literacy and leadership for curriculum, student, and faculty research
  • Environmental stewardship and sustainability in research, curriculum, and experience
  • Student and faculty intellectual inquiry, including faculty development and support for student – faculty undergraduate research
  • Diversity, inclusion, and support for underserved education constituencies
All private, four-year residential colleges and universities are eligible to apply. Those institutions undergoing a presidential transition must wait to submit a proposal until the new president has been in office for a year.  

Grant Amounts

Private higher education institutions may request planning grants that range from $25,000 up to $100,000, or comprehensive grants up to $250,000 - $300,000.  Click HERE for more information about grant types and amounts.  

When & How to Apply
Please refer to the information in Grantseeking Organizations.

Submitted material related to the grant proposal will not be returned.

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