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As a graduate of Amherst College, Arthur Vining Davis experienced the value of a liberal arts education. The broad training that he received there as a student prepared him for a career that involved wearing many hats: scientific innovator, corporate entrepreneur, real estate developer, and orchid farmer, to name just a few. His recognition of the transformative impact of liberal learning led him to give regularly to support numerous private colleges and universities, and encourage his Foundations to continue to do so. 

The Private Higher Education Program Area supports colleges and universities that prioritize undergraduate education and emphasize the liberal arts. The Foundations provide grants directly to private colleges and universities as well as to consortia that support those institutions in their educational mission. Although the Foundations support a variety of programs in higher education, grants typically support projects that improve student outcomes or enhance faculty leadership. The Foundations do not provide grants to support capital projects or endowment.

Request Amounts:

Private Higher Education grants typically range from $25,000 to $300,000 although the Foundations will entertain larger requests. Grants can support projects that span multiple years.

Project Evaluation:

For projects that involve an intervention or program intended to improve a measurable outcome, a Full Proposal will require an evaluation plan. The evaluation plan must be overseen by a qualified evaluator. Applicants can recommend evaluators to work with them on their project. In cases where applicants do not have a qualified evaluator available to them, the Foundations can provide guidance on how to engage a qualified evaluator.

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