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Rice University
Private Higher Education
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OpenStax at Rice University is one of the largest publishers of open educational resources, helping millions of students save more than a billion in textbook costs since 2012. The $500,000 grant from AVDF will expand Rice University’s liberal arts interactive textbooks as part of a $30M library expansion campaign, supported by the Gates, Hewlett, Koch, and Maxfield Foundations and the Department of Education. The expanded library will round out availability of quality content for high-enrollment postsecondary courses, developed with a diversity, equity, and inclusion lens; reduce curriculum costs in liberal arts programs; and generate foundational content for future derivative textbooks (i.e., additional postsecondary courses and expansion into other markets, such as K12 and international translations). In particular, the liberal arts degree pathway includes 11 titles, five of which are already in development. AVDF’s investment will impact student cost savings and drive high-quality, engaging content for personalized learning and teaching.