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Alice Lloyd College
Private Higher Education
Date Approved

Since 1923, Alice Lloyd College has provided higher education opportunities to low-income, first-generation, Appalachian students by incorporating work as a part of its core educational program. All full-time students work a minimum of ten hours weekly in every area of the college, and the earnings are applied to their education costs. Over the next two years, Alice Lloyd College is launching the Appalachian Career Readiness and Leadership Initiative to enhance student’s career readiness competencies while emphasizing leadership skills. Sixty upper-classmen who demonstrate management abilities and excel in their current work duties will be selected to work an additional 10 hours weekly as supervisors managing managing others students. Student supervisors will be granted stipends for the extra hours worked, and each student supervisor will be mentored in their role by Alice Lloyd faculty or staff  and have the opportunity to attend leadership development seminars. The initiative will better prepare students to be competitive in the job market and provide leadership in Appalachia.