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Corrigan Electric
Interfaith Leadership & Religious Literacy

This 10-part podcast / radio series about BELIEF will offer an in-depth look into the personal belief systems of ten people. With Kelly Corrigan as the host, the goal is to examine — through personal narrative — how traditional faith communities are evolving and new non-traditional belief systems are emerging in the 21st century. In a time when religion as we know it is polarizing communities across the country, supporting people in sharing diverse beliefs is critical. Social media exchanges have reduced our understanding of others to bite-sized impressions that do not reflect reality; these conversations are intended to expand our view of others, to offer more holistic and realistic portraits of faith, and to remind us of our shared humanity. Our goal through this podcast / radio series / special event is to arm tens of thousands of listeners with inspiration about belief, spirituality and religion, and, in turn, empower them to start their own conversations that will begin to create a groundswell of mutual understanding that our fragmented country desperately needs.