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Marquette University
Private Higher Education
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Our goal is to develop an innovative, cross-disciplinary first-year curriculum to teach civic reasoning and discourse skills to all first-year undergraduates at Marquette. In line with Marquette’s Jesuit emphasis on the formation of whole persons, we intend for the curriculum to develop measurable academic, professional, and civic skills. Research shows that civic reasoning and dialogic skills support critical thinking and learning integration. There is also growing urgency for students to learn to weigh different points of view, critically examine evidence, and productively engage those with whom they disagree. These skills form the foundation of academic communities in which students connect across difference and take risks, and they are also essential for productive workplaces and healthier democracies. During the project we plan to build a curriculum that teaches the three interrelated activities of dialogue, deliberation, and debate across a range of topics. The curriculum will be the foundation for a first-year experience course in Marquette’s Core Curriculum that we expect to launch in year 3. Funding will also support data gathering, comprehensive assessment at multiple stages of student learning, and training of instructors and peer facilitators.