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Solutions Journalism Network
Environmental Solutions
Date Approved

The Solutions Journalism Network (SJN) proposes to expand and deepen our partnership with the Public News Service (PNS) to help ensure that millions of Americans receive high-quality solutions journalism about climate change, particularly in red states, rural communities, news deserts and other areas of the country with low or no engagement with credible information on climate change. We also propose to support another 20 journalists producing climate solutions stories that help audiences become even better informed about the impacts of our changing climate in their own communities and learn how other communities are responding more effectively to similar challenges. Through a combination of stories published by the cohort of fellows, and others sourced through SJN’s broad and growing network, this project will result in 100 solutions stories shared in their original format, adapted for radio, and broadly amplified through PNS’s large network of radio partners. Finally, we will foster a community of practice that collectively contributes stories, insights and resources to SJN’s network and beyond to inspire and practically support other journalists who want to bring a focus on climate solutions into the mainstream of environmental reporting.