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Public Educational Media
Date Approved

WETA will produce, market and distribute two documentary films that fit the Foundations’ topical parameters. The first films is titled Crime and Punishment in America, Emmy-nominated director and producer Lynn Novick’s solo directorial debut examining the US criminal justice system since the nation’s founding. Across an eight-part, $13.7 million series slated for broadcast in 2025-26, Crime and Punishment in America will shed light on the nation’s legacy of racial injustice and gender inequality has resulted in a system of mass incarceration with only recent focus on prospects for rehabilitation, education and preparation for life after prison. Deliverables include the film series, DVDs, a dedicated website, educational materials created for, and public engagement opportunities across the PBS system. The second film  is yet to be confirmed although WETA has provided a thumbnail sketch of a new series, Making Black America (w.t.) by Henry Louis Gates, Jr.