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Loyola University (IL)
Private Higher Education
Date Approved

Loyola University Chicago proposes to institute the “Cura Scholars Program” to provide eligible Loyola undergraduate students with effective preparation for service, fellowship and research opportunities aimed at promoting their overall academic and career success with a special emphasis on future study at the graduate and professional school level. The programming will target underrepresented undergraduate students of color who are often most at risk of dropping out or not meeting the same attainment and participation levels as their peers. These problems are directly linked to a lack of access and supportive mentoring for these students. Participants would have access to research opportunities, mentoring by faculty, service opportunities in local communities, and other similar supports. Our goal is to see an increase in retention rates and achievement measures as well as longer-term outcomes such as an increase in successful graduate and professional school applications for these cohorts. Additionally the proposed project looks to support faculty by providing them the skills, knowledge, and resources necessary to effectively serve this diverse student population.