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Rita and Alex Hillman Foundation
Palliative Care
Date Approved

This $250,000, one-year grant will continue our formal philanthropic partnership between the Rita & Alex Hillman Foundation (RAHF) and the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations (AVDF) to support the Hillman Serious Illness and End of Life Emergent Innovation (HSEI) program. This successful program, launched by the Hillman Foundation in 2018 and enhanced by this philanthropic partnership established in 2021, has supported 36 nursing-driven efforts to improve the care of marginalized populations at the end of life. This partnership leverages a $1,600,000 investment to date from the Hillman Foundation. The $250,000 award from AVDF increased the 2024 HSEI program total to $500,000. This will continue to maximize the collective impact of two individual foundations to collaboratively support innovative research and grow up to ten more leaders to raise awareness, seed the field, and inspire collaborations among grantees.