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Westmont College
Environmental Solutions
Date Approved

While past efforts to ignite widespread environmental advocacy among conservative American evangelicals have largely failed to take hold, we are at a new moment, with a younger generation of evangelicals showing increased fervor and energy surrounding environmental issues, particularly climate change. Westmont plans to equip evangelical students who care deeply about climate change with the tools they need to spark large-scale change in evangelical communities across the nation. Given both the social prominence and the political influence of the evangelical subculture, they believe this constituency, if its perspective on climate change were altered and it were adequately equipped, could be a significant force in moving society toward greater environmental sustainability. And they believe the Christian theological tradition itself provides the resources for doing so. With the help of nationally-recognized experts, educators and communication specialists, Westmont’s program will provide students with strategies specifically tailored to evangelicals. The ultimate goal is to prepare students to energize their campuses and congregations, and effect widespread behavioral change in response to climate change.