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Bipartisan Policy Center
Private Higher Education
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Civil discourse is at a low point, undermining the health of our civic community. To maintain an open, democratic, and pluralist society, BPC believes that it is crucial to encourage a culture of civil discourse on campus. With this aim in mind, BPC’s Academic Leaders Task Force developed and released a report, Campus Free Expression: A New Roadmap. The report is a strategic guide for presidents and their leadership teams, trustees, faculty, and student affairs leaders to set strategies, policies, programs, and curricula. BPC’s project team, with select Task Force members, will organize symposia with campus leaders to disseminate strategies to teach the skills and habits of mind that sustain civil discourse, to benefit of the campus community and our country. Through this project, BPC will hold symposia for the report’s key audiences and develop strategy modules with tailored guidance for each of these audiences. Given the keen interest that the report has garnered from higher education institutions nationwide and successes to date in prompting campuses to adopt new policies and programming, BPC believes that this approach will bolster civil discourse on campuses nationwide.