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Environmental Solutions
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Behavior change science offers a transformative opportunity to accelerate climate solutions. While commonly applied in other sectors, the environmental field is just starting to take note. Rare’s Center for Behavior & the Environment (BE.Center) launched in 2017 to increase this adoption. The BE.Center’s vision is that by 2030, global environmental challenges are dramatically more solvable because behavior-centered design (BCD) is the norm, rather than the exception, in our field. One key component to achieving this vision is integrating BCD throughout climate philanthropy. With AVDF’s support, the BE.Center will begin to tackle the barriers to funder adoption of BCD principles. This project includes three pillars:
1. Strategic Communications: Increase knowledge and promote demand for applying behavior change science in climate efforts
2. Influencer Training: Deliver training and provide tools/resources to build capacity and support inclusion of behavioral science in giving strategies and grantee work
3. Organizational Direction: Advance the work of climate-focused organizations by codifying and sharing a blueprint for collective action
As a result, Rare expects to see more effective climate interventions on-the-ground, successfully reducing greenhouse gas emissions.