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BridgeUSA Group
Private Higher Education
Date Approved

Building off the success of the last two AVDF grants, this proposal outlines an ambitious plan for scaling BridgeUSA’s college chapter network to 217 campuses. Over the last 4 years, BridgeUSA has developed a research and data-driven strategy that involves building student-led, grassroots chapters at individual college campuses. These chapters leverage the combined influence of students and faculty to facilitate pluralism and civic discourse on their respective college campuses. In addition to the chapter “ground game”, the BridgeUSA marketing team has developed a strong “air game”, which involves telling stories of success and elevating the bridge mission into the mainstream narrative. Through this project, the BridgeUSA team aims to balance the quality of existing chapters with growing new chapters at an unprecedented pace. The conclusion of this project will transform BridgeUSA from a fast growing start-up into an institution capable of transforming American higher education. Our vision is to ensure that every college and high school student has access to a BridgeUSA chapter; this grant will help BridgeUSA take a meaningful step in that direction.