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Unity Productions Foundation
Interfaith Leadership & Religious Literacy
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Human beings have written more about love than about any other emotion. Across the world, writers, composers and singers of every culture have expressed the joys of love found and the sorrows of love-lost and unrequited. Islamic culture, to which two billion people refer today, is no exception. Love stories have been central to Muslim culture since its inception, inspiring world-famous art, architecture, poetry, and literature. It has its Song of Songs, and its metaphysical love poets. It has its Romeo and Juliet. Arabic, Islam’s touchstone language, offers no less than eleven distinct words to convey each unique stage in the process of falling in love. Despite all this, even the most popular love stories of the Muslim world are largely unknown in America and go unreferenced in our entertainment media. Islam’s Greatest Love Stories examines humanity’s central emotion in light of a fresh set of narratives that will be a revelation to viewers, increasing religious literacy about Islam. This film will enlighten, entertain, and attract new audiences about a largely unknown dimension of the Islamic tradition. The film will also include an extensive educational curriculum and a companion website for students and interfaith groups to explore the timeless themes it raises.