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University of Michigan
Private Higher Education

Business leaders today have tremendous power to impact our world. And with that power comes great responsibility. Unfortunately, the business curriculum spends far more time teaching the tools of business and far too little time helping students gain the wisdom on how and when to apply them, steering commerce to make a profit while serving society. Courses on ethics have not been tremendously successful as they are often embedded within a broader curriculum that focuses primarily on shareholder value. The University of Michigan will provide an immersive and cohorted experience that will help students discern their idea of management as a calling or vocation and puts them in a supportive community of like-minded students who can provide support and sustenance as they pursue their aims. There will be 3 intensive experiences over successive years. The first two will occur off campus and in a natural secluded location that the University of Michigan operates. The third will be a virtual post-graduation experience. The hope and expectation is that this program will be proof of concept that will evolve into a for-credit course at the Ross School of Business. Faculty pay and administrative costs will then be absorbed by the University and the program can become sustainable.