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Despite the various ways media can support early science learning, there is a lack of age-appropriate, engaging, and mission-driven science media for children and families. Radiolab host Lulu Miller’s new podcast, Terrestrials, will not only awaken children’s interest in science, but will serve as an entertaining science activity for the whole family.

Terrestrials invites listeners – of all ages – on a lyrical journey to uncover the strangeness of earth by reanimating the world in wonder through mischief, sound, and stillness. At its heart is the desire to create a safe corner of the world where play and deviance from the norm are encouraged, diversity is celebrated, stillness is granted, and the listener is invited to participate in the content at many points along the way.

Terrestrials will develop a pilot season of six episodes from May 2022 through December 2022, for which we request a planning grant from the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations. The pilot will encompass the following: 1) the production and distribution of a six-episode pilot; 2) the creation and release of a dedicated Terrestrials brand identity featuring multiplatform content extensions and live events; and 3) pilot evaluation throughout the process.