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NewsHour Classroom – an expansion and redesign of the PBS NewsHour’s classroom lesson plan website, supported by AVDF in 2020 – was a huge success. Created for the NewsHour’s “Learning in a Pandemic” initiative, the new website offered learning resources that emphasized flexibility, engagement, and community-based current-events education. From spring of 2020 to spring of 2021, teachers, students and parents relied on NewsHour Classroom to continue quality learning amidst a tumultuous year. The overwhelming interest in this project has encouraged the NewsHour team to take the website to the next level, with more accessible video-based news lessons, stronger ties to the community of teachers around the country we’ve cultivated, new learning options through multimedia content such as teacher-developed videos and blogs, educational games and quizzes with ed tech partners, and flexible full lesson plans developed by teachers that can work in the classroom or online. In short, NewsHour plans to evolve with lessons learned and expand on the many successes it has been able to deliver with NewsHour Classroom.