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Fred Rogers Productions
Public Educational Media
Date Approved

In the midst of the pandemic, the defining features of Fred Rogers Productions’ programs — social-emotional skills, supportive families, and engaged communities of neighbors helping neighbors — are more relevant and meaningful than ever. Children and parents alike are craving quality learning opportunities, and free educational programs on PBS are among the very best. Fred Rogers Productions will produce programs that support social-emotional learning and promote neighborliness, specifically the sixth season of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and the premiere season of Alma’s Way. Alma will build on Daniel Tiger’s success by helping children develop self-awareness, skills for responsible decision-making, cultural awareness, and empathy. It will show children how other families are both alike and different from their own, but we are all part of the same big world. Outputs will include 18 new half-hour episodes of Daniel Tiger and a one-hour movie, 38 half-hour episodes and a one-hour special of Alma’s Way, an Alma’s Way website, numerous educational games, and a variety of resources for parents and teachers.