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Corrigan Electric
Public Educational Media
Date Approved

This 5-part podcast/radio series is designed to educate and activate an army of American moms, a segment of the population which the team at Potential Energy Coalition has identified as the most impactful, key to changing the narrative on the fight against climate disaster. The Green Army marries deep data-driven analytics from PEC with the honed story-telling skills of the Kelly Corrigan Wonders team. Each episode will feature two conversations: the first between Kelly and a teen scientist, innovator or activist making waves in the environmental movement, followed by a conversation between Kelly and one of the Science Moms (a nonpartisan group of climate scientists/mothers aimed at inspiring and educating moms nationwide on climate change) chosen for her charisma, influence and communication skills. KCW listeners will love hearing directly from teens, and the focus on next generation problem solvers will make the series hopeful and original. Science Moms will ground each conversation in fact, helping to encourage and educate each listener to join the movement. The goal through the podcast/radio series is to arm tens of thousands of listeners with inspiration and first-hand knowledge of climate change and to motivate them to join the fight against impending climate disaster.