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Microfiber pollution comes from textiles, including polymer-based materials and coatings on synthetic and natural fibers. Microfibers get in our water sources and air; they are transported globally by wind and rain; and they are flexible and small, thus they are easily ingested by humans and wildlife. We propose addressing microfiber pollution by sourcing and supporting market-based technological innovations through a global competition, the Microfiber Innovation Challenge. The challenge has three integrated elements: a competition; a global marketing and PR program; and an acceleration program. Through this challenge, we aim to source at least 50 technologies with market potential to address the microfiber problem. We will create a communications strategy and generate a report on the results of the global marketing and PR program. In addition, we will host a Solutions Fair for at least 20 innovators to promote their technologies and provide a report on the selection criteria and a determination of which finalists receive acceleration support. We expect that a number of the innovations will receive follow-on financial support within 2-5 years of participating in the challenge, and the challenge will identify innovations with a quantifiable impact on reducing microfiber pollution.