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International Documentary Association
Interfaith Leadership & Religious Literacy
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Most Americans are unaware that thousands of Muslims serve in the U.S. military. This fact contradicts the popular misconception of Muslims as outsiders who threaten, rather than defend American freedoms. Many would find it surprising to learn that among these Muslim service members, there are chaplains who act as important religious leaders, educating troops about Islam, the Quran and the Constitution all at once. The project will educate Americans about the unique role these Muslim chaplains play in the military and how they promote religious liberties for all troops. The International Documentary Association will achieve this goal through an impact campaign that uses the new documentary, Three Chaplains, as a powerful teaching tool. The film tells the stories of three remarkable military chaplains who combat Islamophobia while also promoting interfaith understanding. Partnering with leaders in the field, including the Chaplaincy Innovation Lab and, the campaign will work with educators, students and service members nationwide to organize 100 film events. Using a screening toolkit and discussion guide, these events will spark critical conversations, deliver specialized religious literacy lessons, and ask viewers to consider how Muslims are promoting pluralism in America today.