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Heterodox Academy
Private Higher Education
Date Approved

Data from FIRE’s Campus Deplatforming database reveals that there have already been 45 (mostly student-led) deplatforming attempts carried out in 2024 at universities across the United States. Efforts to disinvite speakers from campus talks or commencement ceremonies, and shout-down talks in progress indicate that students, overall, are not engaging constructively. In an effort to bring greater visibility to our shared values of viewpoint diversity and constructive engagement across differences on college campuses, HxA and BridgeUSA seek support to forge a partnership on at least 10 campuses where we are mutually active. This support would equip HxA and BridgeUSA to offer funds on a competitive basis to campus leaders affiliated with our organizations. These leaders will utilize the funds to create events and programs that build synergy between HxA and BridgeUSA, and to influence broader change on their campuses. Deliverables produced may include marketing collateral, comprehensive event reports, and pre- and post-event surveys. Our expectation is that this project will maximize the influence that HxA and BridgeUSA have individually, establish a set of connections between our organizations, and heighten the visibility of our values on campus towards transformational change.