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Public Educational Media
Date Approved

PRX, one of the leading public media networks and a longstanding innovator in podcasting, respectfully seeks a grant of $125,000 from the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations to support the second season of The Genius Generation, a podcast that features young inventors, entrepreneurs, and scientists and which just wrapped a highly successful inaugural season thanks in part to backing from AVDF. The Genius Generation is part of TRAX, our podcast network designed specifically for youth ages 9-13.

AVDF support at this time will provide key production, distribution, and promotional resources for the second season of The Genius Generation (12 episodes and 3 video companions), helping us inspire young audiences with compelling stories of remarkable young people on our first-of-its-kind network explicitly designed for tweens.

Given AVDF’s decades-long history of supporting high quality children’s public television programs and its emerging interests in podcasting, we believe these productions are ideally aligned with the Foundations’ mission and its priorities.