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Environmental Solutions
January 23, 2022

In 2021 the Board of AVDF approved a $500,000 grant to Ceres to support the continuation and expansion of the Corporate Electric Vehicle Alliance initiative, or CEVA. The mission of the CEVA initiative is to increase major corporations’ use of electric vehicles in their fleets, and to help these corporations take full advantage of all the benefits of doing so—benefits such as cost savings, emissions reductions, and reputational boosts. CEVA accomplishes this by helping its member companies understand and act on opportunities to electrify their light-, medium-, and heavy-duty transportation fleets, and to identify and overcome challenges to these activities as they arise. It also helps its members to work together collectively to influence demand, thereby further changing their respective markets.

On Friday, January 21, CEVA presented leading vehicle manufacturers, including Volvo, General Motors, Daimler, and Toyota, with a blueprint for developing the EVs that companies moving their own goods and people or shuttling deliveries for others plan to acquire in the U.S. over the next five years. The blueprint recommendations are based on a Ceres analysis of an internal survey of their member companies, which showed 96% of survey respondents indicating a willingness to switch manufacturers to get desired electric vehicle configurations. According to Ceres, Alliance members collectively own, lease, or operate nearly 1.3 million on-road vehicles in the United States

To read more about the recently released blueprint, click here

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