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Environmental Solutions
November 20, 2020

On November 19, Conservation X Labs (Conservation X) announced the launch of the Microplastics Innovation Challenge. With a grant of $350,000 from The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations (AVDF), the Microplastics Challenge aims to source and support technological innovations to address microfiber pollution.

Described by Conservation X as “globally ubiquitous,” microfibers are a contributor to ocean pollution and may have potentially harmful effects on marine and freshwater ecosystems. Through the Microplastics Challenge, Conservation X is seeking innovations that replace plastics that are sources of microfibers, create new business opportunities to recycle plastics, or prevent microfibers from entering the environment altogether. Using a prize competition model, Conservation X will source entries from around the world to address the microplastic problem. The Challenge will also provide a platform for Conservation X to highlight the impact of microfiber pollution and provide support for the development and scaling of viable solutions identified during the competition.

“We are pleased to support Conservation X Labs’ Microplastics Innovation Challenge.” said Dr. Michael Murray, President of The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations. “The combination of technological innovation, a global awareness campaign, and the scaling of viable solutions positions the program to have an ongoing impact on the problem of microplastic pollution.”

More information about the Microplastics Innovation Challenge can be found here.


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