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Interfaith Leadership and Religious Literacy
July 10, 2020

For decades, the Harvard Pluralism Project has aimed to study and interpret religion in America in all of its forms, and to provide students and teachers with educational resources on religious diversity and interfaith relations. The Pluralism Project’s website has long played a key role in providing these resources, and was even recognized by a 2003 Webby for its work in this area. With grant support from the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations, Harvard has redesigned this site, adding content and features that will make it even more valuable to students and teachers alike.

One hallmark of the Pluralism Project is its Case Initiative. This is an approach to understanding religious diversity and interfaith relations through case studies—brief descriptions of difficult real-world situations that challenge readers to reflect on and resolve one or more aspects of the situations. The new website gives visitors access to a number of case studies, along with introductory materials on the case method, so that interested students and teachers can use these resources to learn more about some of the most important issues in the areas of religious diversity and interfaith relations.

Harvard’s new site also features a large number of explanatory essays on specific religions, spanning 17 religious traditions. And there is a dedicated page for news and media that focuses on religious diversity in America.

With these additions and enhancements to its online offerings, the Harvard Pluralism Project is poised to benefit teachers and students of religion everywhere for years to come.

To begin exploring the new site, visit A Religion News Service press release providing summary details and an endorsement can be found here.

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