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Private Higher Education
August 26, 2022

Like the rest of America, students at higher education institutions, are more divided than ever because of extreme political polarization and the inability to communicate effectively across lines of difference. The Constructive Dialogue Institute is using an evidence-based program to address this problem by equipping people with civil discourse skills.

The institute, a nonpartisan and nonprofit organization, developed Perspectives, an online learning tool to promote civil discourse. The AVDF-funded program uses psychological insights about what causes division to create teachable skills that foster open dialogue and understanding of diverse perspectives.

A variety of institutions use the Perspectives program including colleges and universities. The program uses both interactive online lessons and a peer-to-peer component to teach students how to communicate constructively with people of differing views and beliefs. There is also a version of Perspectives to help faculty and administrators at higher education institutions foster civil discourse on campus.

The Constructive Dialogue Institute continuously evaluates the effectiveness of the Perspectives program and uses the research to refine the teaching tools as necessary. For more information about the institute and the Perspectives program, click here.

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