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Environmental Solutions
August 26, 2022

Science Moms, a group of nonpartisan climate scientists and mothers, and the Potential Energy Coalition partnered with the Ad Council to produce nationwide public service campaigns about the detrimental impact climate change will have on future generations.

Extreme weather such as record-breaking temperatures, numerous wildfires, and destructive hurricanes is becoming more common every day. Although 60% of Americans are concerned about climate change, according to a survey by the Pew Research Center, few Americans talk about the issue regularly.

AVDF awarded the Potential Energy Coalition a $1,000,000 grant in 2021 to help the organization increase public support for climate action. Potential Energy launched the group Science Moms to describe climate change in a way that’s relevant to parents and their children.

To get parents talking, the nationwide climate change campaign was released last year. The campaign features moms who are also scientists sharing their concerns about their child’s future in light of climate change. The campaign directs viewers to the Science Moms website to learn more about the effects of climate change and the steps viewers can take.

To learn more about the national campaign about climate change, click here.


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