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Investing in Our Common Future

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Private Higher Education
The Foundations support private colleges and universities that place a strong emphasis on undergraduate, liberal arts education.

Proposals from associations and consortia that serve such institutions are also welcome. A portion of funding is reserved each year to help support the vitally important work of historically Black colleges and universities, Native American tribal colleges, schools within the Appalachian College Association, and members of Work College Consortium

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Public Educational Media
The Foundations support public media entities that aim to produce and distribute high quality educational content for youth and adult audiences.

Television program grants support series, individual episodes, and films that are produced by PBS stations or production companies with commitments for national, primetime broadcast. Most of the funding for these programs has focused on history, science, or children’s series. The Foundations also support a limited number of invitation-only grants to support local public journalism and publicly distributed podcasts.

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Interfaith Leadership & Religious Literacy
The Foundations support work aimed at promoting interfaith partnerships as well as efforts to increase religious literacy in the United States.

Interfaith grants emphasize the importance of preparing people, regardless of their religious orientation, to model respect, cooperation, and meaningful engagement with and among all faith traditions. Religious Literacy grants aim to enhance public understanding of the religious beliefs and practices that shape our nation, both historically and in the present.

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Environmental Solutions
The Foundations support efforts to improve the health of the environment and to educate the public about environmental stewardship.

Grants awarded in this Program Area typically support practical solutions to discrete environmental challenges, or targeted public engagement efforts.

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Palliative Care
The Foundations have historically supported efforts to provide high quality care and to enhance the dignity and autonomy of those facing serious illness and the end of life.

Grants in the Palliative Care portfolio support work carried out by pre-identified partners to improve medical training and medical care, and to provide caregivers and patients with resources to navigate difficult medical and personal decisions.

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To apply for a grant, please submit your project idea by August 29, 2024
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Become a Funding Partner
AVDF collaborates with other foundations on projects across our Program Areas
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