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Tusculum University
Private Higher Education
Date Approved

The Tusculum University (TU) chemistry program seeks to continue the growth of an undergraduate research program, originally initiated by funding from the AVDF in the field of anti-cancer prodrugs. As the AVDF emphasizes funding liberal arts institutions that focus on an underserved student population, TU is uniquely positioned to serve the underrepresented constituency of Appalachia in the STEM fields. The major goals of the research program are three-fold. The first, and most important, is to provide an underserved student population with the opportunity to conduct cutting-edge anti-cancer research in an environment where their critical thinking and leadership skills will be developed through the direct mentorship of a faculty member and becoming mentors. These skills are critical for any career in the sciences or in the pursuit of graduate degrees. The second will be to expose the students to the enterprise of scientific research, which includes searching and reading primary literature, collaborating with other researchers, and presenting findings at conferences and publications. The final goal will be the dissemination of the scientific findings to the broader community through student-led conference presentations and peer-reviewed publications.