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Campus Compact
Private Higher Education
Date Approved

The rapidly growing ecosystem of bridgebuilding and dialogue efforts means the field is saturated with methodologies and organizations. Leaders at higher education institutions are eager to address polarization and divisiveness by introducing evidence-based practices to their campuses. Still, they are overwhelmed and struggling to navigate the wide array of interventions. Campus Compact is a trusted partner for higher education with decades of experience building the capacity of campuses to implement effective programs and approaches, and we are uniquely positioned to help build the field of civil discourse and create pathways for high-impact bridgebuilding that can be scaled across higher education. With the support of AVDF, Campus Compact seeks to continue to build a critical mass and to promote evidence-based practices that assist campuses in navigating and accessing effective interventions in curricular, co-curricular, and public engagement settings. Compact will curate the most useful tools as part of a dynamic resource library /web-based platform for sustained knowledge-sharing and to showcase best practices. This project will provide pathways to action so colleges and universities can more fully adopt civil discourse practices as a central part of their public missions.