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Albion College
Private Higher Education
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Models of undergraduate experiential education fall short in several ways: 1) as discipline-based models, they fail to prepare students for the modern, collaborative interdisciplinary community and workplace of business, nonprofit, and government sector problem solving; 2) as course-based models, they fail to work on problems according to real world schedules and complexities so as to conform the the 14-week semester, and therefore miss the opportunity for sustained public benefit; 3) as apprentice-based internship models, they fail to give students responsibility for team-based deliverables to clients. Albion College (MI) will develop and implement a novel experiential education model that addresses all three limitations. Building on a prior pilot project led by Albion’s president, Mathew Johnson Ph.D., Albion Labs (AL) will create a permanent, multidisciplinary curricular model where student project teams are responsible for creating valuable deliverables. ALs will offer sustained problem-focused assistance to non-profit, government based, and for-profit “clients.” ALs’ director, Professor of Management Vicki Baker Ph.D., is a nationally known expert on faculty development and mentorship. The model will develop student leaders and scale through engagement of additional faculty.