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Ohio Wesleyan University
Private Higher Education
Date Approved

Ohio Wesleyan University seeks to partner with the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations to launch the Bishop Elevate program for First-Generation (FG) students. OWU’s recent momentum in support of FG students will allow us to implement this opportunity to address a critical need of FG students – paid career-oriented internship and research experiences – while providing additional training, instilling confidence and building community to help them thrive in those opportunities. 
The Bishop Elevate cohort of at least 20 FG students will participate in workshops designed to improve their confidence in five core competencies, as well as provide curated professional development content. The workshops will also introduce them to peer mentors who will serve as trusted guides to help students navigate the transition to career-oriented opportunities. Finally, the Bishop Elevate faculty liaison will work to incorporate academic elements into programming.
Taken together, these efforts will foster a sense of belonging and confidence in FG students, and equip them with the training and resources to secure and thrive in paid career-aligned opportunities. OWU’s initiative aims to increase student retention, support a diverse student population, and facilitate persistence to graduation.