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Marine Biological Laboratory
Private Higher Education
Date Approved

People of color are disproportionately threatened by pollution and climate change, yet the professionals working in environmental fields are predominantly white. To address this imbalance, more students from underrepresented groups must be encouraged to pursue training in the environmental sciences. The Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) is committed to enrolling more undergraduates from the populations at greatest risk through our Semester in Environmental Science which, for 22 years, has expanded the capacity of private higher education institutions to teach environmental science.To achieve this MBL will: i) provide scholarships to remove financial barriers; ii) broaden the curriculum to address issues of environmental justice; iii) establish a visiting faculty fellowship program to strengthen ties between the MBL and minority serving institutions (MSIs); and iv) support post-program opportunities for professional development and networking.This effort will build a pipeline of students and professionals in the environmental sciences who are representative of, connected to, and aligned with the communities most vulnerable to today’s greatest environmental threats. It will also reinforce diversity, STEM, and environmental initiatives already underway at SES sending institutions.