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University of California Berkeley Greater Good Science Center
Private Higher Education
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Evidence suggests that college campuses are becoming more politically polarized and less conducive to civil discourse. Fortunately, there has been a growing movement among researchers and practitioners to reduce polarization and help people bridge differences—but a gap remains between research and practice, limiting the efficacy of this work. To bridge this gap, our project will: 1) produce an online course, based on our Bridging Differences Playbook, that educates thousands of campus leaders on key science-based principles for intergroup dialogue; 2) engage a subset of these leaders in communities of practice that deepen their training and enable them to learn from one another; and 3) produce articles and podcast episodes that increase interest in bridge-building work and widely share best practices. By teaching science-based principles for bridging differences, along with real-world best practices, we will help campus leaders develop or strengthen programs for intergroup dialogue. And by building a community of these leaders, we will enable them to spread lessons learned from their work. The result will be that more students and other campus stakeholders are equipped for better dialogue, relationships, and understanding across group lines.